Treatment Options



Dr. Jensen believes that the best way to whiten your teeth is gradually, over a period of two weeks. This has been shown to reduce sensitivity and produce a more sustainable result. We offer the Opalescence Custom Bleaching System. In two short appointments you can achieve the bright, white smile you've been dreaming about. After fabricating your trays, we will send you home with a complete kit that you use at home. It's remarkable, the luminosity your smile can achieve when you feel confident.

We also offer a pre-made bleaching system, as an intermediary step, for those who are curious about the process. Opalescence Tres White is a 15 minute per day tray for the upper and lower teeth that conforms to the arch and shape of teeth.


Laser Dentistry

Since 2008, Dr. Jensen has offered a Waterlase laser as an alternative to traditional drilling. With the laser, we can quickly remove any diseased tooth structure, with minimal to no anesthetic. With the exception of old silver fillings, the laser can be used in most situations. we can also use it to painlessly re-contour gum tissues for a better aesthetic result.

Nitrous Oxide

We believe that your visit to the dentist should be a comfortable as possible. With that in mind, we offer Nitrous Oxide for patients who have dental fear. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it is commonly known, can be a valuable tool in completing dental treatment.

Single Tooth Anesthetic

Dr. Jensen has been using the WAND S.T.A. system for 5 years. This device enables us to deliver anesthetic to the tooth that we are working on and the tissues surrounding it without the need for a traditional "heavy" feeling. This means that we can work on teeth on opposite sides of the mouth, while still maintaining the functions of the mouth. Because of this method, our patients do not experience the racing pulse that can characterize traditional anesthetic delivery.

Children's Cleanings

We are a family dental practice and welcome well-behaved children to come see us for their first visit, usually around their first birthday. At this visit we will check your child's oral health, focus on caregiver education, and create a fun experience so that they will enjoy coming to the dentist. If you have general questions about caring for a child's teeth, please visit

Dental Crowns

A crown is one of dentistry's strongest restorations. We usually recommend the placement of a crown when a tooth has fractures or a large filling that needs to be replaced. A crown covers over the entire chewing surface and protects a fragile tooth from the immense pressure that occurs with each bite. Our office offers All Ceramic, Porcelain fused to metal, and Gold crowns. We are happy to discuss with you which option is ideal for your mouth. 


Dental veneers are thin shells made from tooth-like material designed to cover the front of the teeth. Typically made of porcelain or resin composite materials, veneers are used to conservatively correct a multitude of cosmetic issues, from slightly crooked teeth to gaps in your smile to discolored teeth. Veneers are resistant to stains by coffee or red wine and have a beautiful luminescence which enhances an already beautiful smile. At your next exam, we can help you decide if this is a good option for you. 

Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored, or Composite, fillings are used to replace areas of the tooth that have been worn away by grinding, decay, or to enhance the aesthetics of your smileComposites bond to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structure, which helps to prevent breakage and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes. Your smile can be dramatically improved by the addition of tooth-colored fillings where necessary. 


We are a comprehensive general dentistry office offering cleanings, periodontal services, fillings, major restorations such as crowns and bridges, night guards, minor surgery, and anterior root canals. If there is a service you require that we do not provide, we have long-standing relationships with specialists in every field in dentistry. Our office will coordinate care with any specialty and advocate for your complete dental health.