A Glass Of Wine A Day... Could Keep The Dentist Away?

Posted by J Darrel Jensen on Tuesday, August 5, 2014
The mouth is "an enormously complex" and unique habitat with in the human body, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Due to the non-shedding surface of the teeth, microorganisms can and do adhere to the teeth, causing an incredible build-up of unhealthy bacteria. These bacteria produce organic acids which then deteriorate the surface of the tooth- leading to cavities and decay.

Scientists have long sought after a natural antimicrobial treatment to control the growth of these organisms. The polyphenols from tea and cranberries, and phenolic extracts from wine and grapes have been implicated in the preventing the growth of a certain strain of decay causing bacteria. 

Researchers have found that red wine- both with and without alcohol- and red wine when combined with grape seed extract were the most effective at inhibiting the bacteria. This is a promising new development in food science, which seeks to heal and sustain the body with naturally occurring flora and fauna. Next time you have a glass of red wine, raise a toast to your teeth as well as your heart!

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